AFCNA develops and supports Christian Faith Community Nurses to provide holistic health and care ministry in Australian faith communities.


Millie Davey completed a Graduate Diploma in Theology (Faith Community Nursing) in 2003 and is a current AFCNA Board member. She is using FCN principles as she works with several Adelaide hills Christian Churches in a program ‘SHARE-Doing Life Together’ supporting people with mental health needs in the community.

Millie is passionate about making available individualised support to people in need, in a supportive, empowering and sustainable way through caring interdenominational faith communities where authentic people can make a lasting difference and meet genuine needs. You can hear about this inspiring program at the AFCNA conference 26-27 Sept 2013.

Ian ‘Watto’ Watson is a truck-driver trainer who played and coached AFL in Queensland. The founder of Shed Happens travels Australia encouraging blokes about winning the battles of life. He is regularly heard on ABC radio and other media. When he’s not on the road, Watto is in Brisbane with his beloved Margaret. They have three champion sons who are now raising families of their own.

Come and hear ‘Watto’ at the AFCNA conference on 26-27 Sept 2013 at Enfield Baptist Church, 1 Francis Ave, Broadview, South Australia.







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